Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton / Unsplash


Hoxton Park Seventh-day Adventist Church originally started as a church-plant initiative in the Liverpool City area with just a handful of people.  With a genuine love for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the community, it wasn’t long before it experienced wonderful qualitive and quantitative growth.  This led to the acquisition of land and the building of the Hoxton Park Seventh-day Adventist church as we know it today.  It was officially opened to the glory of God on the 30th November 1985 and dedicated on the 27th of April 1991.

As a multicultural, English-speaking church, we are proud to see individuals and families from all ethnicities worshipping and serving together as one.  We are passionate about being a strong, Bible-based church where the plain truths of scripture are taught and upheld, particularly the 3 Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14:6-12.  We believe that the gospel has power to renew the lives of all who receive the gift of God’s grace through Jesus Christ and that its teachings enable us to live each day with preparedness of heart as we anticipate the soon return of Jesus.

Having already supported five new church plants and sustaining a variety of ministries through the generous support and effort of its members and friends, it is our prayer that Hoxton Park Seventh-day Adventist Church would continue to thrive in the gospel commission.  As such, we believe that all who God leads into our spiritual family will find a home where faith, hope and the service of love thrives for the glory of God.